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History of Luxembourg

Luxembourg, once part of Charlemagne's empire, became an independent state in 963 when Count Siegfried took possession of a castle situated on the rocky promontory overhanging the valley of the River Alzette called the Bock. The castle became an insuperable fortress, which came to be known as the “Gibralter of the North.” Before Count Siegfried came, the area was under Roman rule.

Luxembourg history is witness to the fact that the country went through an extended period of foreign sovereignty by Burgundians, Spanish, French, Austrians, and Prussians. It only regained its national independence in 1815. luxembourg history saw the congress of Vienna raising Luxembourg to the rank of Grand Duchy when it granted ownership to the King of the Netherlands, William I of Orange-Nassau. The 1867 Treaty of London reaffirmed Luxembourg's territorial integrity, and political autonomy. Luxembourg was declared neutral in international affairs and this neutrality was protected by the great powers.

In 1890, Luxembourg embarked on its own dynasty when Luxembourg relinquished its ties to Holland’s House of Orange and Adolf of Nassau was at the helm.

History luxembourg
saw the Nazis invading Luxembourg on May 10. The Battle of the Bulge was fought in 1944 and 1945 and, during this time, Hitler caused great destruction to the Grand Duchy. Luxembourg was re-liberated after the German army was defeated by American troops. History of luxembourg shows that after the Nazi occupation in 1948 during WWII, the country gave up its neutrality to join various economic, political, and military organizations such as NATO and the United Nations. Luxembourg is a founding member of the European Union, and was host to the first European Institutions in 1953. In 1994, Luxembourg City was even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri is the present monarch previously who succeeded his father H.R.H Grand Duke Jean to the throne in October 2000. He has served as “Lieutenant Representant. All the Executive power rests with the Grand Duke and a cabinet of 12 ministers. A Parliament, elected by men and women over age 18, possesses legislative powers.

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